A Little Old Chair needs help

I was browsing through Lark & Linen today, when this image caught my eye.

We have two similar chairs at the house in Goa. These vintage chairs came back with my in-laws when they relocated to Goa from Germany several decades ago. The chairs are small – children’s chairs. The images don’t really give you an idea of the scale. As you can see, this one is not in good condition. The frame is metal and rusted, but that can easily be sorted out with a coat of paint. The seat is in bad shape – the cushioning has come off and the rexine cover torn. How does one repair this? The frame is in excellent condition, but the seat will have to be changed. I’m thinking of taking it to a local upholsterer who might be able to salvage it. Any ideas?




In different light…



Top image via Lark & Linen. All other images me.


Sharon said...

they would look really nice refurbished - maybe in an ikat print, or even in modern fusion kantha?

Mike said...

Something like this maybe?
Funky Tribal Textile Chairs

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