Gunpowder and People Tree in Goa

The People Tree Shop in Delhi is a very popular shopping destination for lovely things. As is the Gunpowder restaurant. I was so delighted to hear that they were opening a branch in Goa. Look at how beautifully they have renovated this old house in the village of Assagaon. The house has the People Tree store, the kitchen and loos, while the courtyard doubles up as the dining area. Trees provide a tranquil canopy for metal + wood chairs and tables (made from recycled and sustainable materials) designed by Kaushik Ramanathan.

The toilets are framed by this beautiful mural.


A closer look.


The verandah of the People Tree shop, complete with lanterns, plants and master tailors.


The courtyard is green, serene and has lots of potential.


I had a beautiful potato stew, Kerala style.Yum!


The People Tree store has elegant dresses, wraps, stationery and home accessories.


A mosaic welcomes you into the store.


Not for sale.


Beautiful journals


My boy loved this cushion and wanted to take it home! Looks like a fun piece to have but I wouldn’t want it in my bedroom to wake up to!


Visit the Gunpowder and People Tree page on Facebook to see more images of their renovation and completed space.


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