{Art for your Monday} Daily Dishonesty

Confess it. You say these (and a hundred more) lies to yourself every day. I love this series by Lauren Nicole Hom “Lovely little lies from a hungry graphic designer”. It made me laugh and now I try to catch a ‘fib-to-myself’ whenever possible. On her website, Lauren says, “Daily Dishonesty is a hand-lettering blog I started during my senior year of college. It combines my love of typography, humor, copywriting, and illustration. The blog documents the lies I tell myself on a regular basis. Hopefully, you're guilty too and can have a good laugh!”

Snooze button anyone? This week’s lovely guest post comes from Courtney Blair. 


I don’t know what’s wrong with my phone…haha thank you to the lovely Emma Hopkins for this week’s guest post.

and lately…

This would work well in my kitchen, a gentle reminder to stop piling on the plate. That blue is also the colour of my favourite pair of jeans…

See lots more here. Images via Daily Dishonesty and Lauren’s website.

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