{Pinterest spotting} Garden Glory

Pinterest isn’t always about gazing dreamily at beautifully styled photos (although that comes in handy when a deadline is looming). The site can be terribly useful too. One of my favourite things to pin is plants and green ideas for small spaces. Our ‘garden’ is a long stretch of our verandah that is home to a dozen plants or so. I love having plants around me in the house, too, but with not much light indoors, this can get tricky. I’m always looking for ideas to improve my little green space. Here’s what I’m come across lately on Pinterest. 

Top fragrant house plants (via)

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For brown thumbs, a helpful guide (via)


Handy plant identification guide (via)

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Clean your plants! Some simple tips here, via

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Lots more ideas on Pinterest, of course. Take a look, planties!

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