Green Cleaning Basics

Green cleaning involves the usage of vegetable-based products and materials to clean surfaces as opposed to using chemical detergents and solvents. A lot of conventional home cleaning products made from chemicals can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Moreover, using synthetic cleaning products also poses environmental risks.

Green cleaning is essential, reducing the risks of health and environmental hazards. It also promotes a healthier and cleaner environment for you and your family. Here are some green cleaning tips that you can try at home:

  • Use Less. An important aspect in doing an eco-friendly cleaning would be to lessen the number of products used for cleaning. Despite claims of many manufacturers, it is not always necessary to make use of different cleaning products for every cleaning task in your own home. For instance, eco-friendly cleaning products for the bathroom may also be used for the kitchen, while a cleaning product for wood floors may be used for wood furniture too.
  • Check Labels. When looking for the right cleaning products, you have to make it a habit to check the labels. While cue words like biodegradable, natural, and bio-based are most often interpreted as eco-friendly, it is best to check on the small print found at the back of the product label as this would reveal more compared to the advertising claims, which are most often placed on front. Choose cleaning products that are safe for kids and pets.
  • Shop Wisely. If you intend to buy cleaning products, you have to be careful in buying. You have to avoid soaps as well as detergents that contain phosphates and always look for green labels on the products.
  • Buy Certified Products. It is also necessary to check for certified products. EPA certification would prove that a product is safe for the environment and the people. You may also check out the Scientific Certification System logo or the Green Seal.
  • Home Mixed Cleaning Products. Home mixed cleaning products make for great green cleaning. If ever you are not fond of using cleaning products with designer labels, home mixed cleaning products will do the trick. In fact, vinegar as well as baking soda can deep clean almost anything. You simply need to mix either baking soda or vinegar with water, and you already have an all-purpose cleaner that you can use at home.
  • Promote Good Air Quality Indoors. It cannot be denied that air indoors can become more toxic compared to the air outdoors due to the existence of toxic substances and materials. When doing some home cleaning, it is best to keep the windows open often to allow flow of fresh air in and keep the toxic air out.
  • Clean Indoor Air Naturally. One of the most effective home cleaning tips on cleaning indoor air would be to avoid using commercial air fresheners and to try boiling herbs instead. You can boil cinnamon or cloves or bake fresh chocolate cookies. The aromas that these items create promote clean, fresh, and healthier air. You may even use plant-based cleaners to deep clean the surrounding air and to filter dirty air.
    The above-mentioned home cleaning tips are just a few eco-friendly ways to clean your home. Whichever way you choose, you are not only keeping you and your family healthy, but you are also saving our environment.
    {This is a guest post by Erin Devine of DIY Home & Floor Blog}

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