Miss Frangipani goes to London

Hello everybody from sunny London! We’re so glad to be back here after five long years, our first trip back since we relocated to India.

Right now the sun has been out everyday and while it is still a little chilly, the weather could not have been lovelier.


This is our first trip with our four year old and we’re doing the rounds of dinosaurs, parks and zoos. And of course, MAJOR plans to visit Thomas the Tank Engine as well!


We’re renting a house for our little stay and it is such a pleasure to wake up to a quiet street, a back garden filled with magnolia flowers and the occasional visitor – magpies, robins and a beautiful red fox.


Catch up with you soon!


Anuradha Varma said...

Have fun. Beautiful pics.

Neha Verma said...

Packers and Movers

amazing photo collection in your blog. nice

guiltybytes said...

awesome pics by this indian fashion blog

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