5 tips for a sparkling home this season

Guests on their way? Last minute cleaning frenzy? If you have only 30 minutes before guests arrive, try these tips to make your home presentable:


1. Declutter: Clear surfaces of toys, newspapers, books and school paraphernalia. Put them away in their respective rooms – toys back in the kids rooms, old newspapers and magazines in a neat pile for the raddiwalla, books on shelves or in neat decorative piles and school things in the school bag.

2. Give surfaces a quick wipe. Dust coffee tables, arm-rests of sofas, the LCD TV, any bookshelves. My rule of thumb is to dust things that guests might touch – furniture, bookshelves (because people are curious), paintings (always draws the eye) and side tables, where glasses and bowls gather.


3. Straighten and fluff up your cushions. Tidy up seating areas.

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4. No time to buy fresh flowers? Bring in a potted plant from your garden or balcony. Place in a glazed pot and watch it transform the space.

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5. Add fragrance. Throw a window open to bring in a gust of fresh air. Remove cooking and household odours by using an air-freshener such as Godrej Aer’s Musk.After.Smoke which promises to eliminate smoky smells.

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