Tray Time

Trays are great clutter-busters. They corral, they distract, they prettify. Trays don’t even have to be *real* trays, you know. Use what you have – vintage plates and platters, old family silver, a thali or two. Trays for tea-time are lovely, but there are several other non-traditional uses, too.
A tray filled with little stationery, a nice pen, some stamps and your holiday letter-writing session is ready to begin.
Bar tray
Create an impromptu bar with a tray filled with a selection of drinks, some elegant glassware and an ice-bucket. What more do you need?
Create a pretty vignette on a tray with some plants, some accessories, and a background that is equally eye-catching.
i have a tray like that. i need to do something similar with it.
Use a tray to gather toiletries in the bathroom. I’m not such a big fan of placing things on the flush-tank because, you know, what if someone is careless and knocks it over? Ewww. But, still. This image is still such a lovely one.
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If you have a large collection of vintage trays, why not display them all together?
Or keep it simple.
Cute Tray Vignette
Or blend it with enough texture to make your heart go pitter-pat.

Apartment Therapy has a good post on 15 Desk Vignettes and how to get the look here.
Do you use trays as decorative accents in your home?
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