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Living in a tropical country has its benefits. The history, heritage and colour of our countries can easily distract one from the heat and the mosquitoes. India, though, doesn’t really follow the traditional trends of ‘Tropical Decor’. We don’t really see coastal-themed homes or shells in sand and white decorated homes. Most Indian homes do with what they have in place locally. Traditional embroideries, textiles, wood. Contemporary homes in urban areas are increasingly influenced by decor trends and the lush photographs in shelter magazines, which is a good thing, but can result in cookie-cutter homes especially when you buy look-alike furniture from malls and accessorise them with knick-knacks from the same malls too.

There is still hope, though. In a country as large as this, individual style will never die out. In the little Indian decor blogging world itself one sees such a range of homes, all unique, all with their own personalities.

What do you think of, when the term ‘Tropical Decor’ is thrown at you?

I think of plants. And wooden chairs. And semi-dark rooms with pale walls. Very Colonial.

 Tropical Decor via Lonny On the blog this week

via Lonny

dustjacket attic: Interiors | Johannesburg | Monochromatic

via Pinterest. This is the Satyagraha house in SA. I blogged about it here.

House Tour:  Folly Beach


BCS with warm tropical feel


While the walls tend to be neutral and wood almost always dark, furnishings are pale or colourful, but not overtly bright. Warm yellows, ceremonial reds and lots of green predominate. A mirror-work cushion may not always work in this setting, but of course, that also depends on the overall look and style of the home.

Decorative ceiling, chandelier & sunny warm colors, terracotta floors & decorative accessories create a sophisticated welcoming space


All these images are reminiscent of haciendas and sonorous colonial homes. How would tropical decor translate in an apartment? Share your tips in the comments.

Introduction to Tropical Decor |

Via Apartment Guide blog. Read their little guide to Tropical Decor here.

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