Visiting relatives – the Sanity Saving Guide


What’s the best part of the festive season? If you said ‘food’, think again. With all its celebrations and joy in the air, the festive season is also the most cherished for catching up with relatives and friends. Whether it is someone in your neighbourhood or a relative further away, visiting people during this beautiful time of year brings an extra-special touch to your own celebrations.

Going visiting can be stressful, too. Here are five ways to make the process simpler and more pleasant:

1. Clean out the car. You are all dressed up in your finery, glittering jewels and new shoes but if your car is a litter-bug, it can take away some of the shine from your journey. Take thirty minutes to de-clutter your car. Clear out any random bits of paper, dusty mats, forgotten toys. Don’t forget the boot as well; you need the extra space to put in a present or two.

2. #ChangetheAir with a car fragrances. Do away with that stale, faintly musty smell with a new car fragrance. There’s a wide range of fresheners available today. Try something from the new range from GodrejAer; they have several intriguing options available. Freshness guaranteed.

3. Take a present for your host. While a box of mithai or chocolate might suffice, think creatively and out-of-the-box (literally). I prefer to have gifts which are useful rather than decorative; choose a gift that your host will enjoy and one that will fit in with their home and decor. I mentioned GodrejAer above – they have a nice gift-pack especially for the festive season which might be worth a try.

4. Eat before you leave. That’s the trick to not stuffing yourself on sweets and savouries and feeling like a mini-balloon the next morning. Don’t go partying on an empty stomach and ensure that your kids are not hungry either. The sweets and soft-drinks will give them a sugar rush and you’ll have an over-excited child on your hands. Also, meals are not exactly predictable when you’re at the mercy of someone else’s kitchen, so do your kids a favour and  ensure that they are not starving and cranky by the time the meal or snacks are served.

5. If you are staying overnight (or going on an extended trip), pack enough so your hosts are not running around trying to make you feel comfortable. If you have kids, take a couple of their favourite toys and books and games to keep them occupied when the partying has died down. Take a book for yourself or carry a DVD that the family can watch together. Offer to clean up after the rest of the guests have left, so your host is not burdened with the task as well.

Do you have coping strategies for the festive season? Happy Diwali, everybody!

(This post was written for the new GodrejAer campaign.)

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