Take a Break

Happy New Year, dear reader. How is the New Year treating you so far? I’m taking a break from writing assignments to focus on several other things closer to hand right now. At the month end, we host the 4th Casa da Moeda Festival at our house; if you are in Goa from Jan 31-Feb 2, please drop in.

Right now, our house is agog with musicians and orchestra rehearsals and talks and all sorts of things. Our fledgling orchestra is preparing for a prestigious concert next month and we’re lucky to have five accomplished volunteers from the US, Canada and Spain to work with our musicians this month. The thrill of having a full orchestra reverberating through your living room is something else – even if the constant moving of chairs and pushing away of tables leaves a toll on the wooden floors.

This will be a month of cleaning and painting, in preparation for the Festival (ha! so the plans go).

In the meantime, dear friends, posting will be sporadic, if at all.

Wish us luck!


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