Use what you’ve got: Bottles

decorating with Vintage bottles


Do you have a collection of vintage bottles lying around your house? I thought not. In India, we don’t exactly have flea markets and car boot sales to tempt us with pretty but useless bits of glass so we must make do with what we’ve got. Which really is beer bottles and stumpy, yet fun Amul lassi bottles.

You see, any space can be prettified with clean glassware. And decorating with a collection makes it even nicer. Here are some ideas to steal.

1. Use them as vases. The trick is to group them together or use one for a single gorgeous bloom.

<3 this floral arrangement in vintage bottles with tea-light candles behind

2. Use them as candle stands

wine bottle candles

3. Use them as jewellery displays

Vintage bottle jewelry display! There are so many neat vintage bottle shapes and colours this could be so neat! If your ever in strathroy Ontario the Strathroy Antique Mall always has bottles for great prices! Sometimes only $1-2! plus follow them on Facebook!

4. Wrap them with twine and disguise them!

upcycled glass bottles! I think this would be cute for a rustic wedding center pieces. You could even mix and match with mason jars too.

5. Make a sea glass mobile

sea glass mobiles:  Now I need to find enough sea glass to make this.  I'm wondering how hard it is to put small holes in each piece of sea glass.  Which kind of drill would you use?

6. Turn a bottle into a soap dispenser

Turn an old whiskey bottle into a soap dispenser. I 19 Totally Ingenious Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers


Sheena said...

Love this post because I am the biggest advocate of this! I love recycling and I love flowers and trinkets so this is my favourite kind of DIY.

Sunil Kumar said...

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