Urban Jungle Bloggers : Watering your plants

watering your plants

I love my plants very much even if I’m lousy at keeping my flowers alive. I was so delighted, therefore, to come across the ‘Urban Jungle Bloggers’ started by Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of Joelix. I’m excited to be participating and hope this is motivation enough to blog more regularly.

This month’s theme is ‘Watering your houseplants’ and really, in July, we have an abundance of water out here in India with the monsoon in full swing. The rain beats down on my little row of greens in the verandah. I don’t have to worry about watering them, perhaps until September unless a dry spell comes by. I brought some of our taller crotons and palms off the ledge and onto the verandah because they were in danger of toppling over in the strong winds. These I have to keep an eye on, watering when they’ve dried out. Because of the moisture content this could be once or twice a week. The plants inside stay damp longer, funnily, while the ones on the ledge dry up between rain showers.

The crotons that I brought back from my grandmother’s house in May are finally sprouting tiny little leaves. Who knew such a miniscule spot of green could give me such incredible joy? My heart bursts will happiness every time I see one more new shoot on a twig that looks pretty dead to me. Never give up on a plant, they say and I’m glad I saved all of these.


Are you an #urbanjungleblogger? Do you have a watering schedule for the monsoons?

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