I could (never) work here…

My dream work space: wall of windows, floor to ceiling bookcase. By Michael Haverland


Are you the kind that gets easily distracted by a good view? I do! Put me in front of a window and you can see the deadlines waltzing by. Which is why I prefer to face a wall and type. Even if there are a dozen of my favourite books in front of me, I will not be moved. A window is another story altogether.

So therefore, these gorgeous home offices are the stuff my dream home is made of. And one in which I could never do any constructive work. What about you?



Nice view of Central Park #office

Office at Central Park via

Office On The Water    This spectacular workspace seems to float above the bay.    Not for the easily distracted, Zacharko's office design features panoramic views of the waterfront. A glass waterfall desk disappears against the window, keeping with the ethereal feel of the holiday home.    Designer: David Zacharko & David Yustin





Tanya Anurag said...

I don't think I'd ever be able to stick to my deadlines, if I was working in any of those offices. It would be a sin to fix my eyes on my laptop with such gorgeous views outside!

I am thinking of moving my home office desk closer to the window. Now, I think, may be I should leave it where it is ;)


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