Paper Lamps by Sachie Muramatsu

These paper lamps by Sachie Muramatsu are so ethereal and appear delicate and fragile. I’m sure they are pretty sturdy though! I love the delicate shading on the ‘petals’ and how true-to-life these are. Here are some of my favourites; visit the website for more of this stunning range.


Nancy Roberts said...

The petaled lamps are really unique; so beautiful. I'm going to have a look at the website. Thanks for sharing!

Hamida H said...

Hi Chryselle ,
No home décor is complete without Gondi tribe’s surreal art! I love that veranda of yours springing back with life (“Verandah”)…

Whoa…”Coppycat” bow ties…And those “paper lanterns” (“Paper Lamps by Sachie Muramatsu”)…I couldn’t help getting drawn in to my dream home ♥

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