NITCO Magnified Tiles – Live Large

If there’s one complaint modern apartments have, it is that they have small and cramped rooms. Gone are the days of expansive spaces; we now live in homes that are functional, contemporary, but often feel claustrophobic. To give its customers a feeling of space even in a small room, NITCO has introduced a new range of large-format tiles called NITCO Magnified.

These exquisite tiles are unlike anything you've probably seen before. A lot larger than your regular tiles (NITCO Magnified tiles are available in from 600x1200 mm onwards) the large format gives a room an entirely new dimension making them seem spacious and roomy.

The Magnified range has three different variants. The Stellar Stone range brings the mountains to your home, its rich colours reminding you of heritage rocks in all their splendour. The Marble Mammoth series is more classic, bringing the grandeur of traditional and elegant design into focus. The ‘Wondrous Wood’ range is unique – it gives you the look of wood flooring without the expense and hassle of a wooden floor.

The new large look is achieved through modern 6 colour prism printing that transfers the exact colours and textures from nature on to the tiles. The Magnified collection is also super-resilient with less bend and warpage, making them ideal for busy apartments and offices.

“We believe that life should not be lived in square feet nor should it be restricted by carpet area. It should be lived large without any inhibitions or limitations, be it in terms of space or any other aspect. With our latest offering ‘NITCO MAGNIFIED’ we aim to give people the feel and joy of living beyond boundaries, of living in a deeper, wider and more open space, ” said Mr. Ashok Goyal, CEO NITCO on the launch of the new range.

The NITCO Magnified range is now available in stores. Or download their catalogue (link) to get a glimpse of all the textures and colours available. You’ll probably never look at tiles the same way again.

Images courtesy NITCO

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