Tiles that look like wood

Wooden flooring is suddenly back in style. The rarer good quality wood gets, the more it is in demand. Reclaimed wood is currently the rage now, with Indian home buyers willing to source wood from old homes, antique dealers or even from neighbouring countries. 

What's so special about having wooden floors? 

Wood under your feet is often equated to old-time charm and luxury. Imagine mansions with polished hardwood floors or even your grandmother's village home with teakwood floorboards in every room. 

Wood takes you closer to nature for sure, but the drawbacks are plenty too. Depending on where you live, wooden floors can be difficult to keep clean. You cannot use water liberally on wood, so put that mop away and think about polishing your floors instead. Wood is prone to termites, warp and discoloration over use. If you want to repair one little plank, you’ll probably end up ripping up a lot more than you planned. Then there's the ecological issue of sourcing fresh or reclaimed wood, neither of which is sustainable anymore. 

And it is terribly expensive. 

If you love the look of wooden flooring but are reluctant to use it for the above reasons, here's a 21st century alternative. The ‘Wondrous Wood’ range of vitrified tiles from NITCO offers soothing wood designs and beautiful textures that give one the calming feeling of being close to nature. This is part of NITCO's new 'Magnified' range of large format tiles that promises to make small spaces feel larger and more open. NITCO Magnified collection uses modern age 6 color prism printing HD Digital technology that provides an exact impression of colors and textures like stone, marble and wood bringing minute details alive. Imagine the grain of the wood, the knots and every little line and dip that goes into making an old piece of wood valuable.

Now you can find that elusive quality in tile too. The tile looks like wood but feels like tile. And you don't have to limit yourself to the floor either. Choose to use it on your wall, as a feature, as a replacement for a headboard or just along the perimeter. The range of patterns and shades available will work with every design you have in mind whether contemporary, traditional or rustic. There is even a bleached wood shade available which is perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired design. 

Inspired yet?

If you have a wood-tile floor, do share your images with us. We’d love to see them. 

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