The Obama White House Art : Sean Scully

Architectural Digest recently gave us a glimpse into the personal rooms of the Obamas. One thing that stands out more than the soothing decor and palette, is the contemporary art. Several large pieces of abstract art bring colour and depth into the rooms.

I was so taken by them that I wanted to explore these artists some more and so, in the first of the series, here's the painting I was most captivated by:

The energy in this painting by Sean Scully reminds me very much of a Rothko. I was drawn to it in the same way. I admit I don't know much of Scully, and this is an attempt to educate myself and to share this beauty with you. 

You can see from the image below how large the paintings really are, and how beautiful. It makes me want to crawl into them and just wrap myself up in the colours. Even the monochrome ones have a very special energy and movement. Amazing, isn't it, when it's really just geometry. 

Sean Scully RA (born 30 June 1945) is an Irish-born American-based painter and printmaker who has twice been named a Turner Prize

From his Wikipedia entry: 
Scully's paintings are often made up of a number of panels and are abstract. Scully paints in oils, sometimes laying the paint on quite thickly to create textured surfaces. After a brief initial period of hard-edge painting Scully abandoned the masking tape while retaining his characteristic motif of the stripe which he has developed and refined over time. His paintings typically involve architectural constructions of abutting walls and panels of painted stripes. In recent years he has augmented his trademark stripes by also deploying a mode of compositional patterning more reminiscent of a checkerboard. He has stated that this style represents the way in which Ireland has moved towards a more chequered society. He stated in 2006, "I remember growing up in Ireland and everything being chequered, even the fields and the people."

Everything is chequered in Ireland - even the fields and the people! Doesn't that emotion reflect beautifully in the paintings? If I had to draw India, I wonder what geometrical anaology I would use - probably circles!!

What do you think of Scully's work? Does it enchant you as it does me? Let me know in the comments!

Images via Google and AD. Wikipedia entry here


Cherry said...

I'm intrigued by Sean Scully's work. I love stripes and use them a lot in my contemporary textile art for the walls and the occasional quilt. Rosalie Gasgoigne, an Australian artist, used recycled road signs and other pieces in her work. She also was known for her linear style. Check her out.

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