A home for our books

As I mentioned, we're still working on the perfect design to hold the hundreds of books that we currently have and the zillion more that we will probably acquire during the next few years. We need to choose between open shelving or one with doors (to protect against all that dust). Open shelves work out a lot cheaper, obviously and give you space to display more than books.

I've been collecting pictures of bookshelves. Here are some of what appeals to me.
* Most photos are via I Suwannee. I'm happy to give credit where due - please let me know if the photos are yours.

A standing bookshelf would end up looking this this, I think, with evenly spaced cubicles

or like this, with long lines

I love the white doors on this one, but may not work with our dark wood furniture...

Our bookshelf will go on a wall like this one and I want to add a chair to the side to make a reading corner

And then, there are the dream libraries which fit neither into our space, nor our budget!

floor to ceiling

could spend all day and night here in this lovely open space...

what an innovative use of under-stairs space!

my favorite photo. I'd love to live in a home like this!

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