How it all began...

I have always been interested in interiors and decor. Just ask my long-suffering family. They will tell you about the weekends spent moving furniture around (and back), plans for new furnishings and upholstery and longing looks at pictures in magazines.

The passion took off during my years in England, where the local library (and newsagents) had this whole range of shelter magazines - the concept of which was unheard of in India (then). I borrowed as many magazines as I could, learning, admiring and taking in greedily everything I could. I even contemplated taking a course in interior design, but that never happened. Instead, I collected tear-sheets, took photos of magazine spreads and moved furniture around in our apartment.

This interest in interiors has now exploded into a full-blown passion. Moving back to India, we have to accommodate our worldly possessions, hundreds of books among them. The lack of ready-to-order simple bookshelves (no Ikea here) meant that finding a good carpenter was the only way out. I was looking for sample pictures of bookshelves to show our carpenter when I stumbled upon the fabulous Jamie Mears and her amazing I Suwannee blog. She has an amazing collection of bookshelves (among other things) and I can spend hours on her blog.

There was no turning back after that. One link lead to another, bookmarks were saved by the dozen. Hours went by looking at gorgeous interiors, artwork and more recently, nurseries.

Discovering all these amazing blogs and websites has encouraged me to start chronicling my own inspirations, discoveries and finds. Someday, I hope to have my own interiors shop. Till then, a girl can dream, can't she?

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