Love... Balcony Gardens

There are only a few Indian decor bloggers out there (that I know of) and one of my favorites is Rajee Sood. She has a lovely home and impeccable taste in all things interiors.

One of my favourite posts on her blog is called 'Elements of a personal space'. Here, Rajee takes us on a tour of her little balcony garden, complete with lush green plants and serene Buddha. She painted her pots and allowed them to grow mossy and age gracefully. The arrangements of the pots, the stones and the garden accessories are quite lovely and have a very pleasing effect, overall. I'm inspired to paint some pots myself now!

Above images via Rajee Sood

Then, there are these little gardens, all of which are so beautiful and very do-able.

via RangDecor

via ski-epic

And isn't this a lovely image?

via Italophiles

How's this for an easy kitchen garden?

via Delacroix

via sweethomestyle

With the monsoons round the corner, perhaps it's time to do some serious gardening.

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