The Great Cover-Up

I know a building in Panjim that could benefit with a cover-up like this. The Marigold Hotel (shame!), a newly built hotel seems like it has all the trimmings, except for the side of the building facing the creek, which is left exposed, unpainted and looks abandoned, if you don’t know what the building is.

I don’t think this ‘distressed’ look is intentional (the design of the building tells you a lot about the architect /owners and intentional creativity is not likely to be on top of their list) which makes it all the more sad. Town planners don’t care about the eye-sore either ($$?)

I might just go over there one morning and ask them (the hotel) about that unloved 6 storied brick wall.

pic via sweethomestyle

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Fresh Design Blog said...

That is very clever! I can think of a few places that could benefit from one of these too.

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