Co-sleeping nurseries

It’s probably the small spaces we are used to, or perhaps a cultural thing, but co-sleeping is the norm rather than the exception in India. For millions of families in villages or in city apartments, independent rooms for each family member is unheard of. Children sleep with their parents – on a mat, on a bed, in their own bed, but often in the same room.

We are no different. Although we have a house that is large by any standards, we don’t have any extra space for a separate room for M. Our bedroom is larger than what most  people have, so I really shouldn't be grumbling…

The trick is making an adult space child-friendly and not letting said child take over adult space. And while it is common (in the West) for newborns to be in the same room as the parents, most children are soon moved to their own rooms. I haven’t, therefore, found many spaces online that could help me address this decorating dilemma.

Do you have any images of co-sleeping bedrooms that a toddler and his parents could be happy in? 

I did find some lovely images, though and I’m inspired. 

via varnishid blogspot

Images via <not known>, Soul Mothering, Varnish.

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GB said...

Yeah, that second picture was how it was with us till he was a's just a lot easier and everyone sleeps well at night. He now has his own room. :)

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