Wednesday Wishlist: Etsy’s neckwear

Before I lived in the UK, I was an earrings girl. I have dozens of pairs in every shape, colour, price-range. I don’t care much for gold, but I’ll help myself to silver any day.

All that changed when I moved to England. There, necklaces tend to be more popular. Also, in the winter months, I found it difficult to keep dangling earrings from getting stuck in my stripy woolly hat (oh, how I miss you now!).

I collected some interesting pieces during my years there and continue to do so now.

I saw these over at Etsy and think they’d be lovely for my collection. As you can see, I like ‘em chunky. Delicate doesn’t work for me:)

Smoky Quartz and Black Onyx Necklace With Silk Thread

Red Coral Necklace With Waxed Cotton

Etsy Shop Mixstone09

I also really like something like this:

Sienna Red Turkey Turquoise Necklace Set

Etsy Shop SistersThreeJewellery

Having said that, I’m also open to experimenting with something unusual (for me) like this leather and lace necklace

Leather and lace

Etsy Shop Asbead

Do you like neckwear? Any favourite shops that you might care to recommend?

1 comment:

Kamini said...

I'm like you, the chunkier the better. BUT, i do like that leather and lace one, its gorgeous.

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