Bikes in your bedroom (or any other room)

Tara Donne Photography brabfarm

erin wasson bicycle DL-1 Raleigh shared by ridingpretty

Do you have bikes inside your home? We do! Mr.R’s fancy bike (with a zillion gears, came back with us from England) and now lives in our entrance hallway next to our bookcases. I hope to get a companion for it soon. M’s shiny new green tricycle doesn’t really count.

Via Notmybeautifulhome, Brabourne Farm, Keywordpicture, D*S via Riding Pretty


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Love the second image!!

Sudha said...

i love all the cool. The fifth image looks like my living room..i have a vintage stationary schwimm exerciser and not a cruise bike :)

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