Greige on my mind

Not many houses in India do greige well. In fact, I don’t know of any. We do yellow and vanilla and pinks and greens. Pale blue and white are other favorites. The occasional red (or orange) feature wall will make an appearance but not a sophisticated gray or navy. Nope.

Why is that I wonder? Is it because painting one’s home is such an expensive affair that we can’t afford to experiment? Very few people in India really DIY painting their homes. We hire painters. And painters with all their paraphernalia can be an unaffordable proposition if you change your mind about your colour.

Or is it because the light here is so bright and can be harsh at times? Gray does well under soft, mellow light. How will it show under the Indian sun?

Well, the monsoons outside our battered Dutch doors are in full swing and it is putting me in the mood for some greige. Do you love this colour? I enjoy the shadows it creates, the smoothness and elegance it conveys. It can be bright or cozy depending on the shade used. I love these rooms; don’t you?

All images via Greige (the world’s best blog for people passionate about gray :) Hop on over to see many, many more beautiful images.


AM said...

I love gray.. I think it is a very misunderstood colour in general. Gray in home interiors and fashion provides a perfect backdrop for bright or metallic colours and textures to pop.

I also love shades of blues and pinks mixed with grey. They look very refined. We tried some in our previous apartment. Grey-blue on the wall with minimalist contemporary furniture and a white couch !

Designwali said...

gray is my favourite colour...hahaha

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