Love…Harriet Damave

Handmade Handpainted Porcelain Heart Necklace

I’ve known about Harriet Damave for some time, but had not seen much of her lately.  I was therefore delighted to find a photo of her beautiful hand painted porcelain hearts on the Verandah House blog. She paints her porcelain in the traditional Dutch Delft technique using cobalt oxide and a gloss glaze. I love the hearts series but there are a lot of other beautiful things in her store.

Whimsical Brooches

Handpainted Delft Brooch - OwlHorse - Handpainted Porcelain brooch

Hand formed and hand painted porcelain Delft Brooch - OwlHandpainted Delft porcelain Brooch - Cat

Wall hangings

Cradle  - Handpainted porcelain wall hanging

and necklaces in lots of designs

North Sea  - Handpainted Porcelain Necklace

Handpainted Delft Brooch - Owl

Don’t forget to check out her other etsy store where she sells fun painted stuff including mugs like the ones below, customised to a photograph you send.

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