3 ideas to recycle old saris

One of my greatest passions is to find stores and ideas that give old fabric a new lease of life. Whether it is converting old saris into bags and jewellery or framing them to create unique art, there is a lot you can do with those piles of old clothes and moth-eaten (and too sentimental to throw away) clothes. From one of my pinterest boards, here are few ideas to try.

Turn your torn saris into delicate and unusual ribbons or gift-wrap

Pinned Image

Sari rope, anyone?

Pinned Image

And if you have tired of the traditional zari bordered recycled cushion, why not use a more modern print next time?

unusual zigzag sari!

Do you have other creative ideas to reuse old sari fabrics? See my Pinterest board here.

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Ambika said...

The sari rope for the pot is such a fun idea! Must try it!

Peachblossoms said...

Hi Chrys..Came across your blog by accident & simply loved the awesome use of recycled clothes. Wish u could have a workshop on this..I'm definitely game!!!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely idea!! I look forward to seeing you at My Backyard party:)

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