Green Essence at Shopo

The nice girls at Shopo recently invited me to write about one of their featured sellers – Green Essence from Bangalore. I’m on a gardening trip lately and I can’t get enough of ideas for upcycling and making my little verandah ‘garden’ more colourful and inviting. Green Essence has a lot of interesting and vivid products that would fit right into your home.

This cheery yellow bucket makes a nice planter. I’d love to use it as a bin in my home office too – would certainly make chucking things in fun (darned rejections from editors, in you go!) These bucket planters are available in other colours too – love the fuchsia one as well.


Railing planters. For when you want to have your floor clear. Available in different colours.

Ivory dragonfly plant holder. Also available in butterfly design.

Visit Green Essence on Shopo here.

On their Facebook page, I found some new products that are not on Shopo yet.

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