Love…Tribal Truck Art

You’ve seen them on the news. Those beautiful and elaborately painted trucks on the roads of Pakistan. Where every inch of the vehicle is decorated lavishly. Anjum Rana started Tribal Truck Art to preserve this art form – for art is what it is. TTA provides truck artists a means to paint and sell their art. The art is used on a range of products including full-fledged paintings and other things like kettles, keychains, chairs, mugs and many more.

Take a look at these images. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I’d love one of these trucks.

Priya, a birthday present for you! Enamel, hand-painted teapots :)

The designs on these trunks are so different from the ones you typically find in India.

Lots more images here.

Images via Tribal Truck Art.

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