Love…Swati Argade

Swati Argade’s clothes are on at the top of my wish-list. They are elegant, beautifully tailored and they come with a sensibility that I’d pay good money for. Swati is a US-based designer who works with co-operatives and textile producers in India to create this one-of-a-kind handloom clothing range.

Her first range - Belle Khadi- did very well and that encouraged her to keep going. Look at these images and then tell me if you don’t want one right away!

I’d love this turquoise khadi jacket. You see this material on men’s kurtas everywhere (I’m sure Mr. R has one stashed away, too scratchy to use), but as a jacket, oh!

A gorgeous dress from the ‘Bengali Girl’ collection

My favourite range might well be the Ikat one

Her bio says that she created a line for FabIndia in 2007. I haven’t seen anything in stores like this recently, so perhaps it is time FabIndia reintroduced her clothes, no?

Read more about Swati’s intriguing work and see lots more gorgeous photos here.

Images via Swati Argade.

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