It’s Map-time, folks!

I’m in love with these map-inspired bespoke products from Bombus UK. They have so many different patterns and ideas – there’s something for every occasion. I was amazed to know that these maps are not from vintage atlases. Neither are they hi-res digital photocopies or scanned prints. These are hand-drawn by their in-house illustrator. Isn’t that amazing?! Read an interview with Esther here, to understand the process a bit more.

The ones below are my favourite.

Love letters card Bespoke map art

Love letters card

Trio of vintage map birds

Vintage-map birds

Vintage map notebook or sketchbook Bespoke map art

Map books

Vintage map cards

Bombus has a lot more than maps. But that is a whole post altogether.

Visit Bombus here for inspiration. Images via the Bombus website.


Sharon said...

coming here after ages - love the new look! and your posts - oh my! :)

have u given that home tour a thought?


vandana craftsia said...

Beautiful post and space here. Have been liking your posts and forced to come back for more. You have been putting up a lot of creative and innovative design ideas, really liked the "love" card.

Miss Frangipani said...

Thank you Sharon and Vandana for your lovely comments :)

Sharon, no good photos yet. My promise to you holds. Hopefully soon (5 year plan) :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

What a super find!!!

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