In my home : Light and Shadow

The best pin-pricks of light fall into our kitchen between 7 and 7.30 in the morning. From the tiles near the (now defunct) chimney, a single streak of early sun hits the attic wall. Then it begins to move, vanishing entirely in a little while. The rest of the day, the house is awash in light, but we don’t really get the kind of God’s light that makes for, well, divine photography.

So it always enthrals me to see light making its way stealthily into the house whenever it can. Here, at around 5 pm, a slightly open Dutch door in the living room brings in a flood.




In the bedroom (facing the same way as the living room, above), the windows are ablaze.


I’ve got a little collection of horses going. Here, a traditional Rajasthani horse complete with mirror-work coat and harness is flanked by a vintage leather horse from Germany, which my better half used to play with as a child.


All images by me.


Decor in a snap said...

Hi Chryselle! Loved this post on books and dust.. i gave away many of my own because of the dust. Seems like we have to tolerate this everywhere in India and I am like to open out the windows..., yet i manage to have an old edition of the Reader's Digest and my treasured collection of gerald Durrells. Check out my blog when you can


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