Satyagraha House

Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. This is a public holiday in India; the television channels are overrun with Attenborough’s epic ‘Gandhi’ and the newspapers are crammed with government-run advertisements extolling the virtues of the man and the schemes he has inspired.

Gandhi’s simplicity has inspired more than schemes to help the poor. His spartan living and simple tastes could be inspiration to all of us who desire quieter spaces and uncluttered, breathing homes.

Satyagraha House, in Johannesburg is one such example. The house was built in 1907 by Gandhi’s close friend, the German architect Hermann Kallenbach. Gandhi lived in the house for about a year. The property was renovated by French company Voyageurs du Monde. They created a museum and a guesthouse called Satyagraha House. Christine Puech and Amit Zadok of Voyageurs du Monde designed the interiors.

The house boasts of neutral furniture and accessories such as lamps made from white cotton khadi. Memorabilia from Gandhi’s life are displayed across the space.

The ladder is a replica of the one used by Gandhi to climb to the roof and sleep under the stars on hot summer evenings. The original is in a museum in Delhi. (information via House & Home)


Curtains made of cotton dhotis – another idea to steal.


This image will always remind me of our own attic space, with its beams and sloping roof. I’ll never be able to get ours to be so clean, though. But it helps to have some inspiration, something to work towards, no?

Images via Satyagraha House unless noted otherwise.

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