5 quick upgrades for your stationery drawer


What does your stationery drawer look? Is it a jumble of pens and pins? Or is it neatly arranged (like mine, ahem), a place for everything so that even the five year old can locate cello tape or a paper clip if I ask him to?

Whether you’re messy or super-organised, here are five upgrades that you can do today to make your stationery drawer a happier, calmer place. And you know what they say, if your stationery is sorted, so is your life. (I made that up, by the way.)

1. Paint your staples gold

A paint pen can change your staples for those special items.

Do they sell gold staples in stores? I have no idea, but this looks like such a great DIY. I did try this once, but the gold pen I had made the staples look like weak soup leftovers. Maybe you’ll have better luck!

2. Turn your earrings into drawing pins

convert cheap earrings into drawing pins!

You know you have them in your jewellery box –those orphaned earrings whose companion has been lost or broken or gone awol. Use those earrings as custom drawing pins and you’ll have your own unique touch on your bulletin board. I’ve done this and it is such fun to see a pearl earring here and a sparkling diamond (fake, of course) there. Can’t wait to lose more earrings!

3. Control those art materials with loo rolls

Great idea to add all those loo rolls!

If your art materials or pens/pencils are out of control, try this nifty trick to get them in line. Stack a shoe box with loo rolls (you save them, don’t you?) and then arrange your writing/colouring implements in them. Sort them out by colour or use – no one is coming to check. Just keep them orderly!

4. Use cereal boxes to organise your stuff

Cereal boxes

The lazy girl’s guide to staying organised includes this wonderful tip. Cut the bases of cereal boxes and arrange them to fit your drawer. Put your stationery in it and you’ll never rummage again. I do this with crayons and smaller art stuff – just cut the boxes as high as you need them.

If you have more time and if backgrounds matter to you, cover the boxes with colourful wrapping paper. This is a good way to use up scraps of paper lying around that you may not have the heart to throw out.

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers.

5.Use glass jars to prettify your desk

If you have little kids, use this one wisely. I love glass jars for storing and displaying things especially crayons, art materials and pencils. Don’t these look great?

Cute way to store markers, crayons, and chalk. If they are plastic, they are also kid friendly. Much nicer looking than ugly,tearing, card board boxes...

or use smaller jars for your desk or in your stationery drawer if it is deep enough

Contain Office Supplies in Glass Jars<br />For a clean, fresh look, use clear jars (and glasses) of various heights and shapes to hold office or sewing supplies.<br />

Find anything useful here?  Do you have any favourite tips for keeping stationery and office supplies under control?

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