Art spaces for kids

I’ve recently (for the last five years) been obsessing over creating a dedicated space for art for me and the five year old. Right now, his bookshelf has crayons and other art materials handy, but I don’t have a space to leave the good stuff out. You know, the little bottles of acrylic paint, oil pastels, canvases, brushes and jars of colourful water. We have the space to try a dedicated art space, for sure, but I haven’t yet been able to make it work.

Pinterest to the rescue of course and I’ve been finding such amazing images that continually remind me that art can be made anywhere, even in tiny spaces. Here’s some art for thought. (Sorry.)

This room below is one of my favourite inspiration images. *I* would move in here! I love the large art, the access to kid stuff at the right height…

misha hollenbach, shauna toohey & odi « the selby


the boo and the boy: playrooms



Kids Art Tools -- Painting Smock and Art Drying Wall


I guess what I really want is a studio of my own, one which my 5 year old can, ahem, share.

Like so :

sundaylatte:    perfect art mini studio. want.



fab studio!


What do you think? Would you love a dedicated space to create in your home? If you have one, I’d love to have a tour! (Email me images for house tours at

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