Patio Makeover at the Jungalow

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: A Lush, Eclectic, Bohemian LA Patio

If there’s one thing Justina Blakeney knows, it is colour. Look at this patio makeover! From a neglected outdoor space with a vegetable “cemetery”, this has now been transformed into a lush, welcoming space. I love the bright colours and that plant stand is yum! I’m also inspired by those two-coloured pots – time to give mine a makeover!

See more of this transformation here. What are you inspired by?

Images via Home Depot Blog


Reshma at said...

Such a pretty picture! I would love to convert my patio into such a vibrant space.

Miss Frangipani said...

Lovely, isn't it? I was very inspired by it too.

Daniel Reardon said...

A lovely post!!Love the accompanying images! your trademark, Home furnishings

Wacky Brown said...

Seeing how lively and lusciously colorful this place is now, it’s hard to imagine it as a neglected outdoor space with a vegetable “cemetery” before. You totally went all out with the makeover, and it shows in the wonderful outcome! Have a great day!
Wacky Brown @ Wicker Works

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