Yellow in your home

If yellow makes you happy (see last post for proof), is it any wonder that this is such a popular colour for homes, both inside and out. From the palest shade of lemon to bright tropical yellow, this is one happy hue. We’ve recently painted our bedroom in a beautiful mango yellow and changed the woodwork to white (it was brown earlier) and I’m pleased with the way it looks despite all the dusting required now :)


Pic by me

Here are some ways to incorporate yellow into your home:

Transform your home by painting your walls yellow – isn’t this gorgeous?

Yellow, black, and white in this classic tropical fantasy. Just the right balance of Dorothy Draper style drama and Wasp-y restraint.


or paint the outdoors (yellow is not just for the tropics)

s n o w.....LOL..... you can let it Stop snowing now ! #recipes


or make a big impact in a small space by using something like this gorgeous wallpaper

Kristy Socarras Bigelow mounts her Z Gallerie silver cow skull with  tropical flair.


If the idea of a whole wall in a bright colour scares you, try just a pop, like so :



or even paint a side table or occasional chair

every detail                                                                                                            an artist’s home in toronto             by        the style files      on        Flickr


Do you have yellow in your house? We do!


Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

Yellow you heartwarmer!
In my home, nothing in that shade other than my sunny yellow window ;-)

I should try painting a side table!

Miss Frangipani said...

A side table would be lovely. Even a chair or a photo frame in a beautiful mango shade would be cheery!

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