Circus by Marco Sousa

Having lived in the UK for several years, London has a very special place in my heart. It is inevitable, therefore, that I’m drawn to products and memorabilia from the British Isles. When I saw this ‘Circus’ mirror from Marco Sousa of Bateye, I had to share it with you.

The Circus mirror is inspired by Piccadilly Circus, that throbbing touristy heart of London. From the popular statue of Eros, to the shops, to the somewhat hidden gem of St. James church (where we spent a considerable amount of time as that is the home of Mr.R’s orchestra), this is a section of London that never sleeps.


I love it when product designers take something from a city and turn it into a product that is not kitschy but a usable and elegant addition to any space. Even if you didn’t know that this mirror reflects the shape of Piccadilly Circus, it is still an interesting design. The back-story is a terrific conversation piece, though and it is a mirror I would certainly love to have in my home.

All images courtesy Bateye

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Elegant said...

I like it. That wallpaper is looking like original stone stacks. I love lots these kinds f wallpaper. I have done it to my home also see

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