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I'm in the (never-ending) process of redecorating a slip of a room as my office/studio. This room is part of our wrap-around verandah and received a fresh coat of yummy mango-yellow paint recently. I stripped the junk out of the room and right now, it has just the bare essentials - a table, two filing cabinets stuffed with magazines, two thin tall antique cupboards with 'stuff' and a thin single bed, formerly used as a doctor's bed. As you can tell, there's not much room for 'junk' so I'm studiously avoiding getting any in while I figure out storage. Three colourful trunks hold stationery and old notebooks. I'm hoping to use this room as a space to spread out my paints and canvases (in storage since we packed up our lives in the UK six years ago - shame!) and allow me and the boy to paint our afternoons away. Goa is wonderful for languid pipe-dreams and doing up this hot sunny room is one of mine.

Here are some inspirational images for this home-office/art studio/playroom/hideaway. Some of it is contemporary, some traditional. Issue 4 Miss Poirot by hearthomemag, via Flickr

Home of Bart Haverkamp and Pieter Croes

A good look for the tall cupboards in the study?

desk love. via design sponge


(Bookshelf for books and art supplies in my study?)

Dream on, baby.

All images via my imaginary-home wishlist board

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