Simple pleasures

Summer is all about life's little pleasures.

I'm at my maternal home, soaking in the quiet respite from life. I'm still working on deadlines, but without other fires to put out, things are a little more civilised. The Son and I are catching up on our cuddles and sleep. And I'm revelling in my mother's cooking.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a pedicure with tangerine polish. Something like this...
orange nail polish with pink peep-toe shoe

We went on picnics and saw three tigers trying to cool off in the shade.

And read piles of books on our phones and in our hands until our eyes grew droopy and our heads were filled with skittering images and daydreams.

Who doesnt love to read....this would be so cute as a gift for the book lover! >>>100% cotton front >>>burlap envelope style in back

How's your summer going? What are you up to?

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